Our Medical Couriers are a great option for any life science and medical logistic need. Our highly trained couriers go through our extensive EVCO MED-HAND programs. There, our drivers participate in extensive education and training where they learn or continue to reaffirm valuable skills associated with identification of types of equipment, samples, medical devices, procedures, temperature control, route optimization and safe transport procedures. EVCO MED-HAND enables drivers to transport your unscheduled and scheduled routines or STAT's safely and quickly. Our couriers are equipped with state-of-the-art digital handheld devices and enterprise-grade secure software for accurate inventory information, load temperature, GPS Data, load weight, dimensions, quantity, SKU Data, Barcode Information, POD - Proof of Delivery data with actual Images showing physical condition, digital lading uploading and scanned copies of physical paperwork and much more.

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Our courier drivers are HIPAA and OSHA Compliant because you need drivers who can not only get the job done, but also do so with the utmost care and respect for patient privacy.


Our drivers receive up-to-date secure communications via Smartphone Integrated walk-talkie. With respect to your specific and ever changing needs, we can also digitally relay updated real-time changes or alerts to driver manifests. That way, variables may be handled with total compliance throughout the entire duration of your clinical trials.

Courier drivers who are trained in EVCO MED-HAND procedures ensure the integrity of samples, adherence to protocols, regulatory compliance, Safety & Privacy of Client information and ensure all products remain undamaged.


Our courier drivers are equipped with the proper storage containers to transport Ambient, Refrigerated, and Frozen Specimens all at once.


We also carry locking HIPAA bags, Locking Medication bags and have unmarked vehicles available for secure delivery.


Evergreen Courier drivers ensure that your HIPAA Documents are secured, samples remain viable, and that high value medications or loads are both secured and expedited.


You can count on our years of experience, our quality control, our commitment to excellence and our modern equipment to ensure that your deliveries are transported and delivered in perfect condition. We are committed to the success of your medical logistic needs, whatever the scope.

Our medical couriers are TWIC certified or are in the process to becoming certified.


We are available 24/7 to navigate to any location whether they are general hospitals or healthcare facilities like clinics, home-sites, mobile care / trauma units or any other secure facilities or installations.

Our courier drivers are badge carrying, uniformed and equipped with the latest tech to make medical deliveries quick and painless!

Our medical courier drivers are also equipped medical spill & clean up kits.

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Hospitals can sometimes be confusing to people and may even seem like a maze. Many courier companies have little to no experience navigating hospitals or facilitating deliveries. But not us!


Our courier drivers are no stranger to hospitals. In fact, 89% of our entire delivery operation consists of medical deliveries. Our medical courier drives are in and out of hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, laboratories, trauma & surgery centers, mobile units and medical buildings all day -- every day.


Our couriers and delivery technicians are experts at navigating various hospitals and medical buildings and do so with ease.

We also offer EMERGENCY 45min delivery in select areas.

Let us get your deliveries there faster and when you need them!


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