When it comes to Medical Devices and Technology, you need a partner you can trust. We'll get it there on time and just in time, every time.


That is why we at Evergreen Courier employ only the most qualified couriers and delivery technicians and the most advanced delivery solutions. Our team of experts (on and off the road) will ensure your routed and on-demand - time critical shipments arrive, when they're needed by your clients or patients

We deliver 24/7 solutions so that you may provide, for your clients, at any time. We will not, say no.

A cardiologist implants a heart defibril
Surgeon hands with medical equipment, mo

We understand the role and importance that these life-saving, technologies play.  Your clients are counting on you to deliver exceptionally fast. That is why we utilize real-time tracking on every shipment and real-time route optimization on every single order.  We also offer integratabtle inventory tracking serial no. barcode scanning, digital signature capture, with automated-customizable details with picture POD (Proof of Delivery) upon Collection and Delivery.  We can tailor a convenient online order portal for your company and or, your clients. Specific to your individual needs, you may have complete  rest easy having complete inventory integration. Our inventory management options  will allow your clients to order your products, sent directly to us, we can ensure a speedy turn-around. Once we receive an order, we'll ensure it gets to the right place at the right time - in perfect condition. You deserve a provider that can deliver exceptional results, that can guarantee that everything arrives - when doctors, surgeons and patients need them to.


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