Our courier service can help with contracts, medical documents,

government documents, as well as legal documents, rush deliveries, such

as wills, deeds, court filing, secretary of state or business filings, passport retrieval, applications and many other services of a sensitive nature.

​Drivers who are trained in EvCo Speed-Secure handling procedures ensure the security and timeliness of deliveries. Our drivers are equipped with high quality messenger bags for quality of handling and condition of delivery.


Title/Escrow, and real estate offices come in many forms, from small office buildings and specific cubicles to largo office buildings.





All of our drivers are equipped with hand-held devices for real-time tracking and alerts notifications, as well as for digitally condensed PDF format  proof of delivery for all orders. 




We also offer carry-on services for the most sensitive deliveries by drivers with  full FBI background checks. They are vetted and fully trained to deliver exceptional experience.


Our drivers are trained to spot proper pick up and drop off locations with unmatched speed. Let us get to your home or office faster!


Give us a call and get your order started right away!