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The Evergreen Promise

At Evergreen Courier we understand that all people are living on a planet with 'finite' resources. We understand the importance and impact that even small businesses can play. That's why we re-engaged ourselves and renewed our commitment to our planet.


We have pledged to commit ourselves to putting our environment as the top priority of our corporate initiatives. Our philosophy is simple: If you don't have a clean, healthy and safe planet full of trees producing oxygen, we and all other life will cease to exist.

The 1:1 Initiative

One tree at a time.

We created the 1:1 Initiative out of a love of nature and the need to give back to the world we live in. That's why, for every order our customers place, we will meet or exceed that with trees planted by contributing to the top non-profit organizations who are hard at work replanting our planet, one tree at a time.

We've proudly displayed the list of Non-Profit Organizations we have either partnered with or pledged ongoing support to, for our 1:1 Initiative, shown below. 

One tree at a time.

Our Partnerships & Contributions

Going even further than the environment...

We believe that corporate responsibility is more than just a catch phrase, it's a philosophy of ethics in action. In our quest to operate more responsibly and ethically, we have committed ourselves to ensuring clean, responsible and sustainable business practices. We are also committed to workplace safety, worker's rights and ensuring an ethical supply-chain. Thus, we expect all employees, vendors and clients to ensure there is no discrimination and no exploitation within their supply-chain.


We remain committed to transparency and proudly ensure to our clients and their clients that no workers domestically or internationally, are suffering from worker abuse and exploitation within our company supply-chain network. 

We have also posted our Code of Ethical Conduct and expect all employees and vendors for our company to adhere to those principles at all times, regardless of location. 

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