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Service Excellence at Evergreen Courier

Welcome! Evergreen Courier specializes in delivering a wide range of eco-friendly courier and logistics solutions tailored to fit every requirement. From rapid local deliveries to comprehensive interstate services, and urgent Code Green responses, we ensure your needs are met with precision and professionalism. Our services extend to include detailed consulting and fleet management, aimed at enhancing your operational efficiency.


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Comprehensive Delivery Solutions: Meeting Every Need, Every Mile.

Courier Services

Same-Day Delivery: Expedited services for urgent parcels.

Scheduled Deliveries: Pre-arranged delivery times for regular shipments.

Express Services: For time-sensitive shipments that require rapid delivery.

Long Distance Express: Services designed for shipments that need to travel far, both interstate and intrastate.

Long Haul Express: Focused on multi-state deliveries, ensuring your shipments reach even the most distant locations efficiently.

Code Green: Tailored for emergency orders requiring pickup and delivery within 45 minutes, available in local metro areas.

LTL & FTL Freight
LTL (Less Than Truckload): For shipments that don't require a full truck.
FTL (Full Truckload): Dedicated truck for large shipments.
Expedited Freight: Fast-tracked shipments to meet critical deadlines.

Route Service
Fixed Route: Regular, scheduled routes for consistent delivery needs.
On-Demand Routes: Flexible routes based on immediate requirements.

Warehousing & Distribution
Inventory Management: Storage and inventory tracking.
Order Fulfillment: Picking, packing, and shipping orders.
Cross-Docking: Transferring cargo from one transport vehicle directly onto another.

Logistics & Fleet Management

Comprehensive Fleet Management: Clients can outsource their entire fleet management to us, leveraging our expertise to ensure efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance delivery capabilities.
Fleet Optimization: Maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.
GPS Tracking: Real-time monitoring of shipments.
Route Planning: Strategizing the most efficient delivery routes.

Specialized Services
Temperature-Controlled Deliveries: For perishables and sensitive goods.
HAZMAT: Handling and transportation of hazardous materials.
Secure Document Transport: For confidential and sensitive documents.

Fleet Outsourcing and Replacement
Fleet Outsourcing: We manage your transportation and logistics, allowing you to operate without owning a fleet.

Fleet Replacement: We provide a comprehensive solution where we replace your existing fleet with outsourced vehicles, ensuring seamless, efficient delivery services.

Customized Solutions

Tailored Delivery Options: Creating unique delivery solutions that fit specific business models or individual needs.

Special Projects: Handling one-off or complex logistics projects requiring specialized attention.

Consulting Services

Logistics Optimization Consulting: Offering expert advice to improve logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance delivery performance.

Fleet Management Consulting: Providing insights and strategies for managing and optimizing fleet operations.

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