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Driver Safety Policy

 The purpose of this Policy is to ensure the safety of those individuals who drive company vehicles OR perform courier services associated with Evergreen Courier (The Company) either as an employee, agent or contractor. Vehicle accidents are costly, but more importantly, they are dangerous and may result in injury to yourself and others. It is the driver's responsibility to operate all vehicles in a safe manner and to drive defensively to prevent injuries and property damage.  

As such, Evergreen Courier endorses all applicable state motor vehicle regulations relating to driver responsibility. The Company expects each driver to drive in a safe and courteous manner pursuant to the following safety rules. The attitude you take when behind the wheel is the single most important factor in driving safely.   

 Driver Eligibility 


 • Drivers must have a valid driver's license for the type of vehicle to be operated, and keep the license(s) with them at all times while driving. All CDL drivers must comply with all applicable D.O.T. regulations, including successful completion of medical, drug, and alcohol evaluations.   


 • Company vehicles are to be driven by authorized employees, agents or contractors (via lease agreement) ONLY, except in emergencies, or in case of repair testing by a mechanic. Other employees, agents or contractors and family members are not authorized to drive Company vehicles.   


 • Company vehicles are to be driven for Company Business ONLY. Personal use of company vehicles is prohibited. No unauthorized persons are allowed to ride in company vehicles.   


 • Any employee, agent or contractor, who has a driver's license revoked or suspended shall immediately notify and discontinue operation of the company vehicle or any motor vehicle used to for services for Evergreen Courier. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action including dismissal or contract termination.


 •All accidents involving Company vehicles, regardless of severity, must be reported to the police and to Failing to stop after an accident and/or failure to report an accident may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal or contract termination.  


 •The use of a company vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants and other drugs is forbidden and is sufficient cause for discipline, including dismissal or contract termination.  


 • All drivers and passengers operating or riding in company vehicles must wear seat belts. Unauthorized passengers are not permitted as they could prevent a delivery from being completed successfully, resulting in potential delays.


• Report any mechanical difficulties or repair needs to


 •Drivers are responsible for the security of Company vehicles being used by them. The vehicle engine must be shut off, cargo secured, ignition keys removed, and vehicle doors locked whenever the vehicle is left unattended. 



 Driver History & MVR   


 Your driving record is a reflection of your overall driving habits, and directly affects insurance costs. Your personal driving is your responsibility and our concern.  

Motor Vehicle Records will be ordered periodically to assess driving records. An unfavorable record will result in the loss of company vehicle driving privileges or employment.   

In the case of Agents and Contractors, unfavorable records may constitute grounds for terminating a contract as they do not reflect compliance with our company standards and policies for safe driving.   


 A standard method of evaluation for all prospective and current drivers' MVRs will be used:    


  1. One (1) or more Class 'A' Violations in the past 3 years (as defined below) [1]Three (3) or more accidents (regardless) of fault in the last 3 yrs. 

  2. Three (3) or more 'B' violations in the past 3 years.    

  3. Any combination of accidents and Class 'B' Violations which equal four (4) or more in the last 3 years.   



 Class 'A' Violations:[1]    

■ Driving While Intoxicated [1]    

■ Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs   [1]

■ Negligent Homicide Arising out of the use of a Motor Vehicle (gross negligence) [1]    

■ Operating During a period of Suspension or Revocation [1]    

■ Using a Motor Vehicle for the commission of a Felony [1]    

■ Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle [1]    

■ Operating a Motor Vehicle Without the Owners Authority (grand theft) [1]    

■ Permitting an Unlicensed Person to Drive [1]    

■ Reckless Driving [1]    

■ Speed Contest (racing) [1]    

■ Hit and Run (Bodily Injury or Property Damage)  


 Class 'B' Violations:[1]    

■ All Moving Violations not listed as Class 'A' Violations.




 Cell Phone Usage  


 • Under all circumstances, employee, agent or contractors shall obey all motor vehicle laws. Violations or fines incurred by employee, agent or contractors shall be the full responsibility of the employee, agent or contractor, and may affect future driving privileges in company vehicles as outlined above, or ability to obtain future contracts with our company.   

• Some states such as the state of Washington, prohibits use of the cell phone while driving. One hand must be on the wheel at all times. Texting is forbidden. Dialing out should be done only from a safely parked position. 

•Hands-free cellular phones are subject to the same policy as the hand-held cellular phones. (No dialing out, texting, or interfering with safe operation of the vehicle).   

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