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Evergreen Courier leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionize delivery logistics. Our AI-driven systems meticulously analyze routes for efficiency, ensuring timely deliveries by avoiding delays and optimizing driver schedules. This technological advantage allows us to outperform competitors, providing a seamless delivery experience that traditional methods can't match. Trust Evergreen to employ the smartest solutions for your logistical needs, guaranteeing your packages are delivered using the most efficient and reliable routes available.

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Automated Proof of Delivery

Our Automated Proof of Delivery enhances transparency and reliability, setting us apart from competitors who rely on manual, error-prone processes. Our drivers, equipped with handheld devices, securely transmit delivery information in real-time, ensuring seamless communication between us and our customers. This technology captures and automatically emails proof of delivery to customers, including comprehensive details such as signatures, item count, weight, pictures, condition, and stock information. By integrating these advanced features, Evergreen Courier ensures every delivery is documented with unparalleled accuracy, offering peace of mind and a superior service experience.

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