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Service Second-to-none

EVCO Medical Courier Experts are here for all your life science and medical logistics needs.


Our highly trained personnel go through our extensive EVCO MedHand program, where they receive education and training in equipment identification, temperature control, route optimization, safe transport procedures and much more.


Our MedHand trained couriers ensure safe and quick transport of your unscheduled and scheduled routines or STATs. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital handheld devices, our couriers' deliveries are tracked and logged with enterprise-grade, secure software. This includes GPS data, collection and delivery times, recipient and patient information, load weight and dimensions, and proof of delivery data with images.


Contact us for efficient service and the most reliable medical logistics solutions.

Clinical Trials & Commercial Medicine
Laboratory Scientist


EVCO: Your Partner in Navigating the Growing
Clinical Supply Chain Market

Today, the clinical trial supply and logistics market is forecast to  grow from about $14.84 billion in 2016 to $28.75 billion by 2027. This forecast growth reflects the amount of new potential therapies being studied and as well as the increased complexity of the market.


Some areas of delivery expertise include:

Pre-Clinical Trials





Clinical Trials




Commercial Medicine





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Medical Delivery Experts

Optimizing Clinical Supply Chain Management
with EVCO LabShip 

As the marketplace becomes increasingly personalized, clinical supply chains necessarily follow suit. The market focus is honing in even more on patients, including the transition toward virtual at home-based clinical trials.


The Life Science & Healthcare Marketplace is evolving at a rapid pace and outsourcing clinical supply chain services to a medical supply chain solutions provider like EVCO is a smart choice and a logical route toward risk mitigation, increased speed to market and optimizing total supply chain efficiency and security to secure and protect your competitive advantage.

Our Clinical Lab Specialists will ensure compliance through the duration of your clinical trials. Our EVCO LabShip service provides real visibility, analysis, speed and traceability of shipped lab materials. Our experts can configure a solution to match the specific needs of your lab & deploy rapid delivery solutions.

Laboratory & Blood Bank
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Safe, Efficient & Reliable Transport of Medical Products
& Logistics Solutions for Laboratories & Blood Banks

EVCO is your solution for safe and efficient transportation of all types of specimens. Our highly trained medical couriers are equipped with the proper storage containers to transport Ambient, Refrigerated, and Frozen samples all at once. Our EVCO Lab Specialists ensure that your HIPAA Compliant couriers keep samples viable and that high-priority STAT deliveries are secured and expedited.


We have years of experience in the industry and our commitment to quality control and excellence ensures that your deliveries are transported and delivered in perfect condition. We understand the importance of timely and secure transportation of medical samples, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the best logistics solutions.


Our services go beyond basic transportation, we also provide a range of logistics and supply chain solutions such as inventory management, temperature-controlled storage, distribution, route optimization, and real-time tracking. Our team of experts can help you design a solution that fits the specific needs of your lab, whether it be a one-time delivery, ongoing or routine deliveries.


Trust in EVCO's commitment to the success of your lab logistics needs, whatever the scope.


Most common use cases include:

Evco cold chain courier

Routine Courier

EVCO's Routine Courier service is designed to meet the specific needs of the Laboratory and Blood Bank Services segment of the healthcare industry. Our couriers are trained to handle any temperature control requirements and are equipped to transport Ambient, Refrigerated, and Frozen samples all at once. Our transport coolers can hold hundreds of samples, ensuring efficient and secure transportation.


Our handheld devices are equipped with the ability to scan barcodes and integrate with your current system through API compatibility, providing real-time tracking and automated updates on pickups and deliveries. You can choose to be notified at each step of the process or at the end of the route, and our system sends out automatic text and email updates to all parties involved. This simplifies logistics and eliminates the need for constant follow-up.


With EVCO's Routine Courier service, you can rest assured that your deliveries are on-time and that you have the visibility and confidence you need.

stat courier.webp

STAT Courier

EVCO's On-Demand STAT Courier service is designed to meet the urgent needs of the Laboratory and Blood Bank Services segment of the healthcare industry. Our couriers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to collect and deliver high-priority specimens from hospitals, clinics, and patient residences to any laboratory. Our goal is to expedite testing and provide patients with results as quickly as possible.


Our couriers are fully equipped with the proper storage and temperature control measures to handle STAT specimens and maintain their viability. Our MedHand-trained drivers carry dry-ice at all times to ensure that samples are transported safely and securely.


When time is critical, EVCO's STAT Courier service is here to help. We understand the importance of fast and accurate delivery of specimens, and our team is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled professionalism and accuracy, guaranteed. Trust us to get your STAT specimens where they need to be, lightning fast

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Blood Supply & Platelet 

At EVCO, we understand the critical importance of timely delivery of blood and blood products. Our team of highly trained medical couriers are dedicated to providing fast and efficient transportation to ensure that lifesaving deliveries reach their destination on time.


We specialize in transporting blood, blood products, medical equipment, and other essential items between blood bank branches, processing and distribution centers, hospitals, mobile units, and blood drive locations.


Our on-demand services are the ideal solution for hospitals and blood banks that require quick and reliable delivery. We offer 45-minute emergency delivery in select metro areas, ensuring that time-sensitive deliveries reach their destination as quickly as possible.

We understand the gravity of these deliveries and handle them with the utmost care and attention to ensure their safe and timely arrival.


Trust in EVCO for reliable, timely, and professional delivery of your blood and blood products.

EVCO LabShip.jpg

EVCO LabShip
Putting Clinicians & Labs in Control

Are you looking for a partner that can help you streamline your lab logistics process? Look no further than EVCO's LabShip service. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing real-time visibility and traceability of your lab materials, giving you the control and peace of mind you need.


We understand the importance of timely and secure transportation of lab samples, and we are here to help you meet those needs. Our team will work with you to design a customized solution that fits the specific requirements of your lab, whether it's a one-time delivery or ongoing or routine service.

Don't let logistics slow down your lab's progress.


Trust EVCO's LabShip service to deliver exceptional results and empower your lab today. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Medical Device & Technology
surgical supply chain.jpg


EVCO: Your Trusted Delivery Partner for Safe & Secure Transportation of High-Value Medical Devices & Technology

Transporting high-value medical devices and technology requires a level of expertise and care that traditional courier companies and big-name delivery services may not be able to provide. Problem areas such as maintaining strict safety & control, handling fragile equipment with care, and ensuring timely delivery are crucial for the success of the medical device industry.


At EVCO, we specialize in addressing these problem areas with precision and care. Our team of highly-qualified couriers and delivery technicians are not only MedHand trained and HIPAA compliant, but also understand the importance of maintaining strict temperature control, handling fragile equipment with care, and ensuring timely delivery.


Our logistics experts also understand the importance of real-time tracking, instant communication with your field teams and hospital staff, and a range of logistics and supply chain solutions such as inventory management, temperature-controlled storage, distribution, route optimization to ensure your medical devices and technology are delivered safely and on-time.


Trust EVCO to provide the level of expertise and care your medical devices and technology require.

Most Common Use Include:

surgical implants.webp

Implantable Devices

Orthopedic Implants: We can transport a wide range of orthopedic implants, including joint replacements (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.), spinal implants, and trauma fixation devices. Cardiovascular Implants: We can deliver cardiovascular implants such as heart valves, stents, and pacemakers. Neurosurgical Implants: We can transport neurosurgical implants such as brain and spinal cord stimulators, aneurysm clips, and shunt systems. Ophthalmological Implants: We can deliver a variety of ophthalmological implants such as intraocular lenses, glaucoma shunt devices, and retinal implants. Dental Implants: We can deliver dental implants such as single-tooth implants, multi-tooth implants, and implant-supported dentures. Sports Medicine Implants: We can transport a wide range of sports medicine implants such as ligament and tendon reconstruction devices, joint resurfacing implants, and cartilage replacement devices. Bionic & Biotechnological Devices: We can deliver a variety of bionic and biotechnological devices such as prosthetic limbs, exoskeletons, and brain-computer interfaces. Other Implantable devices: We can transport a wide range of other implantable devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and pacemakers.

sports medicine.webp

Surgical Instruments

General surgical instruments: We can transport a wide range of general surgical instruments such as forceps, scalpels, suture needles, and retractors. Laparoscopic instruments: We can deliver a variety of laparoscopic instruments such as endoscopes, trocars, and clips. Endovascular Implants: We can transport endovascular implants such as stents, embolic coils, and catheters. Reusable Surgical Instrument: We can transport and deliver reusable surgical instruments, such as endoscopes, forceps, and other specialized instruments used in surgical procedures.



Pharmacy Services

Find Out How We Can Help Your Pharmacy Today.

evco delivers cold chain_adobe_express.jpg


EVCO MED-HAND couriers are professionally trained to deliver medication for patients who are unable to drive themselves to the pharmacy. We understand that Pharmacies may need to provide medication for Hospice patients in an urgent fashion. We are available 24/7 to handle all routine or shot-shot deliveries. EVCO has a wide range of delivery options to suit each patient and priority. Our badged drivers show up when patients and doctors need them to. We'll make sure the patient comes to the door or that we alert medical personnel if not. EVCO is here to care for our communities! Pharmacist approved!



Evergreen Courier is fully-equipped to handle all routine pharmacy deliveries to long-term care facilities. Our drivers are all vetted, badged and uniformed. SO when our drivers show up the staff knows exactly what they are there for. Our MED-HAND drivers are specially trained to deliver to multi-points within the facility. That way the staff never leaves their stations and the patients and residents get the care and attention they need. We'll be in and out after all medication is verified and all returns are collected.



When Hospitals need special medications we are here to help! Our MED-HAND medical couriers carry locking security bags to transport high-value medications and narcotics to the In-Patient or Out-Patient pharmacies who need them. We understand that these deliveries are urgent. When the patient is waiting for the medication there is no time to waste, and we waste no time in getting it done. With our technology, we ensure that you have total visibility as you track the entire chain of custody in real-time. You'll know ahead of time when the delivery will arrive and you'll be alerted the moment it arrives and the second its delivered.

Cold Chain Logistics


Keeping Your Temperature-Sensitive Medical Products Safe and Secure with EVCO Cold Chain Solutions

A cold chain is essential to ensuring shelf life and viability of a temperature dependent product throughout production, storage and distribution. Evergreen Courier leverages its years of experience, expertise & cold chain delivery network to provide temperature controlled storage and distribution throughout the United States.


At EVCO, we understand the critical nature of maintaining proper temperature control for your medical products. That's why we have invested in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that your products are delivered at the right temperature, every time.


Our team of trained professionals will monitor your products throughout the entire delivery process, from pickup to delivery, to ensure that they are kept at the proper temperature. We also offer secure storage solutions for your products, with 24/7 monitoring to ensure that they are always kept at the correct temperature.


Trust EVCO to provide reliable and efficient cold chain logistics and storage solutions, giving you peace of mind that your products will be delivered in perfect condition. 

Comprehensive Value-added services include:

Medial Supplies & Linens






Materials Service Centers and Sterile Processing departments can benefit from our System Downtime Reduction model where we leverage our EVCO Delivery Network (EDN) to deliver hospital materials from A - B - X, anywhere, any time.



During these unprecedented times it can be difficult to locate adequate Personal Protective Equipment and a greater challenge to distribute it to the places and people who need and rely on it to keep safe. Let the experts at EVCO assist you, safety and quality service is our top priority.. 



Our Medical Courier Experts are specially trained to deliver very sensitive materials, yes. But did you know we can also handle Medical Linens? Linens are essential to patient care and our experts are highly trained in all aspects of Medical Deliveries.


How We Deliver Success

Evergreen Courier, through our experience, our history of professionalism, our medical logistics background and our medical logistics experts is a one-stop-shop for medical deliveries. We leverage our years of experience, our technology driven approach and our innovative solutions to deliver exceptional results across multiple segments of the Healthcare & Life Science logistics industry.


Our Healthcare & Life Science focus makes us the ideal choice for any medical logistics needs. We can help with any medical supply chain needs from specimens to linens. There is nothing we cannot deliver.


Our specially trained medical couriers stand out from other companies with our extensive, hands-on training program (MedHand). Through Continuing education and strict oversight, we maintain quality standards which are sure to stand out amongst any company in the industry. Our multi-disciplinary approach to training and certification allows our professional drivers to deliver an unparalleled quality of service.

Tissue & Organs




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tissue transplants.webp





From Human Tissue to Animal TIssue

Our company is committed to serving the needs of our clients needs for Tissue and Organ Delivery. We understand the these deliveries are often either life-saving or scientifically prescient data for research. We can deliver to and from Tissue Banks and deliver Human Organs for life-saving transplants. Whether you need DNA/RNA, we can help today,


Everything from Tissue Arrays, FFPE Tissue Sections, Biopsies or any other Human or Animal specimens, our experts are committed to ensuring the timeliness and security of your deliveries. As with most of our deliveries, patients are counting on us.

Medical Records
medical records.jpg


HIPAA Compliant & MedHand Trained

Our extensive training programs, internal certifications, and continued education gives us an edge.


EVCO MedHand drivers are specially trained medical couriers who are backed by a team of professionals with years of experience and the type of dedication you would only find from people who both love and are obsessed with what they do. 


With our HIPAA Compliant Medical Couriers, we'll transport your medical records with the speed and confidentiality of your extended healthcare team.


The Most Secure Option

Medical Records

Our Medical Couriers can help with any medical records delivery needs. Whether you're needing medical records, charts, CD’s, or X-rays films, we will be there to answer the call.


We can obtain X-Ray films and deliver between, doctors offices, hospitals, readers, radiologists and even home delivery.

Records Request

Our Medical Couriers can assist with any records requests whether you're needing to pick up confidential records or just need physical copies, our expert medical couriers carry secure locking records envelopes to securely transport your HIPAA protected information. That way Personal Health Information remains secure and confidential at all times.

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